Our Military serve to protect our way of life.  They rent homes or apartments through out the area.  They purchase homes to better our communities.  They live educate their children in our schools.  They add value to our local economies.  Our military is a strong voice in the Greater New London Area.  Say thank you to our military for being a part of our communities.

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The Mysteries of Home Ownership

Have you ever thought of owning your own home? Have you been saving for a down-payment? Do you know how much home you can afford? Are you confused and would like need professional counseling?

I’m a residential Real Estate Associate serving Southeastern Connecticut.  I have been in the real estate business providing my professional services to home buyers and sellers for over twenty years, solving their mysteries in real estate transactions.

The Mystery of Home Ownership:

Buyers when thinking about if purchasing a home are generally faced with “what do I do?”  This is a mystery that has gone one forever.  Their friends and relatives always have a story for them.  Buyers become confused and most times back off from going after their dream home.  Well, that’s a shame due to receiving advice that is not always the best or latest information about the requirements of home ownership.

First-Time home buyers need to go to the professional who has been educated and trained to guide them through the most expensive investment they as a home buyer will make in a life-time, purchasing a home for their family or future family.  The professional REALTOR is the Trusted Advisor with years of Experience and earned Integrity to ensure the buyers are represented through all aspects of the home buying experience.  This experience need not be scary or a mystery.

This blog, on a weekly schedule will outline all 188 steps in home buying.  Look for next weeks blog that will guide you through the first steps in owning your own home.

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